Littlewick Show

Littlewick Show is Thames Valley Classic Cars Club’s premier event of the year.  It is held on August Bank Holiday Monday. The entrance to the show field is just off the A4 at Knowl Hill between Reading and Maidenhead.

This year the show is on Monday 26th August 2019.
As well as about 200 Veteran, Vintage and other Classic Cars, there are motorbikes Military and light commercial vehicles.  The Car Show is part of a traditional Country Fair with Horses, Dogs, Horticulture and Produce Shows and much more.
Please browse the Littlewick Show Gallery for pictures of previous shows.

If you have any queries please contact the Secretary.

Registration Fees

Online registrations is now closed.  Registrations on the day will be charged at £10.00.

Vehicle Classes 2019

A.     Austin 7s up to 1930     - 6 vehicles in class
B.     Austin 7s 1931-35 (Chrome Radiators)     - 8 vehicles in class
C.     Austin 7s 1934-39 (Painted Radiators)     - 8 vehicles in class
D.     Austin 7 Specials - All years    
E.     Vintage Austin register vehicles     - 9 vehicles in class
F.     Veteran & Vintage Cars to 1955     - 43 vehicles in class
G.     Post-Vintage Cars 1956 - 1987     - 89 vehicles in class
H.     Motorcycles up to 1987     - 12 vehicles in class
J.     Light Commercial and Military up to 3.5 tons     - 15 vehicles in class
K.     American Cars post WW2 up to 1987     - 11 vehicles in class
Total:     201 Vehicles

Click the heading below to show vehicles currently registered in each class...

Show Registration Code Make Model Year Description
A1 Austin 7 Chummy 1929 In very useable clean transport condition 1 1
A2 Austin Seven Tourer 1928 Found in a barn around 20 years ago and fully restored to its current condition and is a regular at the Littlewick Show. 1 2
A3 Austin Chummy 1927 1 3
A4 Austin Gordon England Cup 1927 Coach built two seat sports tourer body 1 4
A5 Austin Seven Box Saloon 1930 1 5
A6 Austin Seven Saloon 1930 1 6
Show Registration Code Make Model Year Description
B1 Austin Seven Box Saloon 1933 2 1
B2 Austin Seven Box Saloon 1931 Car is 88Years old and has just had a £5250 complete engi ne rebuild and is shown towing a 1950s type Nipper caravan. 2 2
B3 Austin RP 1934 Black over blue tidy box saloon 2 3
B4 Austin 7 RN Box Saloon 1932 Named Barney, the car is a long wheelbase Austin 7 Box Saloon. He spent some years in a museum in Denmark before being repatriated in 2013 2 4
B5 Austin Two seat tourer 1933  Nice car  2 5
B6 Austin 7 1931 Travelled round the world in this Austin 7 2 6
B8 Austin Austin 10 1934 2 8
B9 Austin7 Box Saloon 1934 A 1934 Austin 7 Box Saloon that I bought in 2006 and keep in as original everyday condition as possible without changing its character with a major restoration. I go to many local shows in this area since moving down from Sutton Coldfield 3 years ago and went down to the Austin 7 rally at Beaulieu last month going full circle as the car last went there for 3 years in the 1970's 2 9
Show Registration Code Make Model Year Description
C1 Austin 7 Opal 1937 3 1
C2 Austin Ruby Saloon 1936 3 2
C3 Austin Seven Saloon 1936 3 3
C4 Austin Ruby 1936 3 4
C5 Austin Seven Ruby 1936 3 5
C6 Austin Ruby 1938 3 6
C7 Austin Ruby 1935 3 7
C8 Austin Opal 1935 3 8
Show Registration Code Make Model Year Description
Show Registration Code Make Model Year Description
E1 Austin 12/4 heavy Burnham 1929 5 1
E2 austin High Lot Taxi 1934 Rare three quarter landaulette body by Jones Brothers. 5 2
E3 Austin 16/6 Burnham Saloon 1929 Large Austin saloon, 6 cyiinders, 2225cc. Owned 38 years. 5 3
E4 Austin Heavy 12-4 Fabric Saloon 1928 12-4 Fabric Saloon with body by Morgan of Leighton Buzzard. 5 4
E5 Austin 10/4 Cabriolet 1934 car fully rebuilt from chassis up.   20 years ago and carefully looked after ever since. 5 5
E6 Austin Burnham 12/4 1929 Originally registered in Herefordshire the vehicle has spent some time in Ireland. It is a series 6 saloon and one of the very earliest to have chrome fittings rather than nickel plating 5 6
E7 Austin 12 Burnham Salon 1931 Unrestored, well the front wings were repainted in 1984 and the bonnet in 1997 but otherwise as it came out of the factory, all tools and papers complete including the Warentee. In last ownership for 46 years, unknown milage, we have done over 100k. Was for a long time the only family car.  5 7
E8 Austin 8 1946 5 8
E9 AUSTIN 8 Fourlight 1939 5 9
Show Registration Code Make Model Year Description
F1 Ford T Centerdoor 1920 British  (Manchester) built  T . centerdoor Top Hat saloon. 6 1
F2 Ford Y Model Tudor 1934 APP625 Owned by Sally & Mo Croxon, Been with us for over 40 years and we have enjoyed every minute of it. 6 2
F3 Riley Adelphi 1936 6 3
F4 Triumph Gloria 1934 Pre-war Triumph Gloria tourer. Restored from a wreck some years ago and now enjoyed on high days and holidays. 6 4
F5 Rolls-Royce Wraith 1939 Limousine body by Rippon Brothers still retaining some delightful period features - now has a busy career as a wedding car ! 6 5
F6 Triumph Flow-Free Vitesse 1938 6 6
F7 MG TA 1937 1937 MG TA (Mabel) Was restored by the current owner in the eighties. She is one of a small collection of classic cars,is used on a regular
basis during the summer months. Fitted with the more robust xpag engine with shorrock supercharger she gives what could be described
as a fairly exciting drive. Much loved by all the family.
6 7
F8 MG TD 1950 This TD is part of a small collection, she was bought as an oily rag running restoration and continues to give much pleasure in this role.
Not a concorse car but enjoyed by the family and owner.
6 8
F9 Brough Superior Dual Purpose 8 cylinder 1936 Famous in the motorcycle world George Brough imported Hudson Rolling chassis through Canada, from Detroit, to reduce taxes. 18 of this 8-cylinder sv model are thought to have been made with Atcherley of Birmingham making the bodies. Ten survive. Subsequently a six cylinder model was made--about 60 of them with around 30 surviving. All had three-speed Hudson gearboxes. This one was completely rebuilt in 2018 with new old spares.
In 1935 and 1936 this car was staggeringly fast: 90 mph being achieved regularly. It is a joy to drive but does rattle a bit on British potholed roads. Last year a trip to the Lake District via East Anglia and Cheltenham saw 1054 miles put on the clock. It has visited Belgium and plans are being made to attend a rally in France in 2020.
6 9
6 10
F11 Humber 16/50 1929 Original and history back to the thirties. 6 11
F12 Austin 10 1946 6 12
F13 Riley Plus Ultra Special 1932 6 13
F14 Sunbeam 12/16 1913 6 14
F15 Riley RMA 1947 4 seater saloon car, bottle green colour, restored from scratch by its current owner.  6 15
F16 Austin 12 4 1929 6 16
F17 MG TD 1951 6 17
F18 Austin 12/4 Mulliner body 1927 6 18
F19 Alfa Romeo 1900C Super Sprint by Touring Series 2 1954 Two plus two coupe, 1975cc twin cam engine with 5 speed gearbox. Body built by Touring of Milan using Superleggera system in aluminium. Imported to UK in 1962. Owned by me for 35 years, restored by me over 8 year period. Still maintained by me (just) in quite nice condition. 6 19
F20 Austin A50 1954 Very well presented light blue model owned for over 40 years. 6 20
F21 Bentley 3 Litre Tourer 1926 3 Litre with 4 seater VDP tourer body restored in the early seventies, the engine has been enlarged to 41/2 litres. 6 21
F22 Ford Model A 1930 Four door town sedan 6 22
F23 Morris Eight Four Door Saloon 1935 Red / Black Four Door fixed head saloon. 6 23
F24 morris 8 series e 1948 4 door saloon 6 24
F25 Landrover S2 1958 Landrover belongs to the Uxbridge Classic Vehicle Club and is used to transport the club's regalia to all the shows in the Summer Rally season 6 25
F26 Morris Bull nose Oxford 1925 1925 Bull Nose Morris Oxford, 2 seater with Dicky seat. 6 26
F27 SUNBEAM MK3 Saloon 1955 Black 4 Seater saloon
2267cc (Humber Hawk) engine
4Speed + overdrive gearbox
6 27
F28 Ford Model T 1922 Ford Model T Roadster 1922
Imported from America and restored long before I bought the car. During my ownership, accessory 'Rockie mountain' brakes have been fitted which has greatly reduced the cars stopping distance, considering it only has braking on the rear wheels. A comfortable cruising speed is approx 35mph (no speedo fitted).
The car is used daily if the weather is fine.
One of fifteen million produced
6 28
F29 Riley Lynx 12/4 1935 Four seater Tourer with 4 cyl 1.5 litre engine and preselector gearbox 6 29
F30 ford prefect 1951 black in very nice condition  6 30
F31 Ford Model A 1930 Tudor saloon made in Canada and exported to New Zealand when new.  Owned by a local official and went to Fiji with him when he was posted there.  Brought to UK in the mid 1990s.  Fitted with a Model B engine 6 31
F32 Austin Harley 12/6 1933 Salloon in Blue with Black wings 6 32
F33 MG TC 1949 6 33
F34 Ford Model A Tudor 1928 Ford built at Trafford Park England. Believed less than 100,000 miles from new. Has spent many years in a Ford showroom. 6 34
F35 Railton Straight 8 DHC 1946 Railtons were built on imported US Hudson Terraplane chassis with the Hudson Straight 8 engine used in the Hudson Terraplane and reputed to be one of the fastest production cars on the road in the 1930's. MMT is a 1937 chassis and engine but was not registered until 1946. It is one of only 6 Railtons built post WWII and is one of only 2 bodied by Harold Radford. 6 35
F36 Sunbeam 16.9 hp tourer 1930 This is a 4 door tourer owned during the 60s by Dennis Jenkinson who partnered Stirling Moss in the 50s and 60s it towed a caravan around the Alps in 1965. I have owned it for the last 13 years. We are members of the Bean Car Club 6 36
F37 MG PA 1934 Purchaced recently as a non runner is currently undergoing a running restoration program. 6 37
F38 MG TA 1937 1937 MG TA Restored by the current owner in the late eighties from several boxes of patrs.
Fitted with an XPAG engine which was a common replacement as the original engines were
not so strong. The vehicle is used as much as possible and enjoyed by all the family.
6 38
F39 MG TD 1951 1951 MG TD purchased eighteen months ago in a running state but not good.
It is in the process of being further restored and it is intended to overhaul and
modify the engine as part of this program over this winter. Look out for it next year.
6 39
F40 Austin 10hp 1935 Colwyn cabriolet.  6 40
F41 Singer 1.5 Ltr Sports Tourer 1934 One of 13 left in the world and one of the small run of 68 originally manufactured and surviving. An imposing 4 seater six cylinder car which has proved ideal for continental touring. 6 41
F42 Lagonda 2 litre speed tourer 1930 Rebuilt and honed over some years. In regular use. 6 42
F43 Talbot 14/45 Scout 1930 This is a short wheelbase 14/45, one of three known to still exist. I purchased the car in 2000 from the son of a friend of mine who sadly died before he had chance to restore it. It had been off the road since the 50s and was a wreck needing a lot of work and it stood in my garage for a time before restoration started in earnest.
It has a six cylinder engine of about 1700cc producing 45 hp driving through a 4 speed crash gearbox. Cooling is by thermo syphon with fan blades on the flywheel and it has Dynostarter (combined starter and dynamo) on the front of the crankshaft. It has rod opeerated brakes, which are very good.
6 43
Show Registration Code Make Model Year Description
G1 Vauxhall Victor F-Type 1960 7 1
G2 Triumph TR4A Sports 1966 Two seat sports car owned for the past 33 years, in regular use all year round. Converted to run on unleaded fuel with several modifications to allow safe use with todays traffic. 7 2
G3 Jaguar Mk11 1964 British Racing Green 2.4 Good condition 7 3
G4 Ford Mustang fastback 1966 A nice restored classic mustang 7 4
G5 Ford Lotus Cortina 1969 Ford Cortina Lotus Mkl 2 totally restored con course white stunning example  7 5
G6 Sunbeam Alpine 1964 Red Sunbeam Alpine GT Coupe 7 6
G7 Vauxhall Cresta PB 1964 Brought new from Spurlings of Chiswick January 1964. 7 7
G8 Singer Vogue 1963 7 8
G9 Jaguar S-type 1964 7 9
G10 Jaguar E-type Series 2 Roadster 1969 The car was built at the Jaguar factory in Coventry on 19th August 1969 and exported to the USA on 3rd October 1969. It was originally painted Primrose Yellow with Black interior trim.
By the 1990s the car was in San Francisco carrying the registration 129 EUD. It was soon after that it was exported back to the UK where the present owner bought the car in May 1994.
Since then he had embarked on what would be a seven year complete rebuild of the vehicle bringing it back to UK specification.
The stated output of the 4.2 litre straight six, twin overhead cam engine is 265 BHP which equates to about 195 BHP at the rear driven wheels through the four speed gearbox and limited slip differential.
We have made regular use of the car and toured in the UK, France, Italy and Switzerland.
It joined another seventeen examples of the model for the 50th anniversary of Jaguar E-types launch at the Geneva Motor Show with a return visit to the 2011 show.
7 10
G11 MG BGT Coupe 1974 7 11
G12 Triumph Stag 1978 7 12
G13 Morris Minor 1971 7 13
G15 Jaguar MK2 340 1968 Emergrated to Italy in 1977 returned to the UK 2018 
7 15
G16 Ford Cortina MK3 1972 7 16
G17 Mercedes 280SL 1981 UCC 7 17
G18 Daimler Conquest 1957 UCC 7 18
G19 Humber Sceptre 1963 UCC 7 19
G20 Ford Capri Mk1 1600 XL 1972 7 20
G21 Triumph Herald 1967 Triumph Herald Convertable owned for 32 years. 7 21
G22 Ford MK2 Consul 1962 MK2 Consul owned for 5 years 7 22
G23 Ford Capri 1600 GT-XLR 1971 Two owner , low mileage car. Full restoration over 10 years 7 23
G24 Rover P6 2000 1964 Copperleaf Red Rover P6 2000 saloon. First registered 9th April 1964, and sold by Saville Motor Company of Stratford on Avon. The current owner purchased the vehicle in 2011with 57800 miles on the clock, and has carried out a number of renovation projects including replacinig ging the inner box sections and jacking points and rebuilding the engine. Since owning the vehicle we have covered an additional 17000 miles with tour to Europe and accross the UK  7 24
G25 MG Roadster 1971 7 25
G26 Ford Anglia 105E Estate 1965 7 26
G27 Rover P4 100 1961 7 27
G28 ford capri 2.8 injection 1984 7 28
G29 Ford Escort 1978 7 29
G30 Ford Capri 2.8 injection 1983 7 30
G31 VW Karmann Ghia 1973 A fully restored 1973 Karmann Ghia convertible, cream with beige interior and brown mohair hood in excellent condition. 7 31
G32 Ford 105e Anglia estate 1967 This is a standard Anglia estate, of which, as far as the Anglia Owners' club knows, only six are still  on the road. These were usually used as company rep's cars and as such were probably not well looked after, explaining why so few remain of the 2,500 maufactured by Ford.
This car differs from deluxe estate cars in that it has the narrow front grill, has no chrome trim,  no passenger sunvisor, no temperature gauge, no front to the glovebox  not any of the other refinements of the super and deluxe Anglias.
Purchased twenty years ago this car has undergone some restoration and, being need of fresh paint work, it was resprayed in original Ford colours of Monaco Red and Ermine White to replace its sad beige. 
It has been driven in Ireland and the Isle of Man as well as many parts of England and Wales on Anglia club holidays.
7 32
G33 Ford Consul 1959 7 33
G34 Morris 1000 Minor 1958 7 34
G35 JAGUAR XJ6 S1 2.8 1972  XJ6 S1 2.8 SWB  AUTO
Car has had a rolling rebuild over 15 years
only 20,000  2.8 made 68-73  only 25 2.8
Auto Swb left.
7 35
G36 MG BGT 1972 7 36
G37 Austin Healey 3000 1959 7 37
G38 Triumph TR6 1971 Blue TR6, completely restored during 1986-1996. Been all over Europe, several times. Now 90k miles and still going well 7 38
G39 Triumph TR5 1968 Completey restored from 2013 - 2016. Only coevred 3k miles 7 39
G40 Triumph Stag 1975 The Stag is a 2 + 2 Grand Tourer and still has its original Triumph 3.0 litre V8 engine. It had several innovative features for the time  : Power Steering; Electric windows,;Adjustable steering column&  Dual circuit brakes.  It has covered approx 80.000 miles. 12,000 in the last 6 years in my care.  We have taken it to France 3 tines and Spain once. With careful and timely maintenance it has proven to be very reliable.  7 40
G41 Triumph TR7 1981 Pharoah Goldexterior with tan interior
Origional paintwork and interior never been welded
7 41
G42 Ford Anglia 105e deluxe 1961 This car was first registered in Birminghan at Bristol Street Motors and was bought by the present owner in 1994. She learned to drive in it and used it to pass her driving test first time. It was used every day for four years and then since then it has made appearances only at car shows and for a few TV programmes. It was also used for Anglia club holidays, twice to France, to Wales, Ireland, Yorkshire, Devon and the Lake District where it went over Hardknott Pass without difficulty.
It has undergone some restoration with the engine completely rebuilt and resprayed in the original Ford Black Cherry. 
7 42
G43 Daimler V8 250 1967 7 43
G44 Vw Sidewinder beach buggy 1967 1967 beetle chassis shortened by 15" sidewinder body shell + side pods, hulk candy green paint with gold flake, leather interior, removable roof, 3 piece deep dish wheels with chunky tyres, detailed chrome 1641cc engine from a vw camper bus, Chevy disc brake conversion, modified front beam.
Summer fun!
7 44
G45 MG B 1963 1963 MG B BRG with Wire Wheels 4 speed overdrive 3 sycro gear box very early UK car 7 45
G46 Lotus Seven 1970 one if only 13 made of this version, rare car. 7 46
G47 Hindustan Ambassador 1956 The car has a 1956 bodyshell and was imported from India in 1996. A 1956 Morris Oxford bodyshell. The cars were extensively used as taxis in India originally using the Morris engine and latterly fitted with an Isuzu 1800 petrol engine and 5 speed gearbox. 7 47
G48 Nash 422 Cabrolet 1929 Cabrolet/drophead 3.3 litres 7 48
G49 Morris 1000 1970 7 49
G50 MGB Roadster 1973 Teal blue colour with black interior. Car in very good condition. 7 50
G51 Rover P5B saloon 1971 Owned by present owner since 1986.  A good example of the marque. 7 51
G52 Ford Cortina mk1 1963 7 52
G53 Jaguar E-type 1971 Jaguar E type Series 3, V12. 2 + 2. Red. 7 53
G54 Wolseley or Citroen 6/80 or ZX Avantage 1950 This Wolseley 6/80 has been restored by the late David McHardy to the highest authentic condition possible. The project took from 1981 to 2016 when he won 1st Prize at the Wolseley Rally in Hatton. A very proud moment for a great man with a magnificent car. David sadly passed away soon after having fought a heroic battle with Huntington's Disease. PAR 663 won again 1st Prize at Kelmarsh for best Wolseley of the year. The latest win was in June this year at the Annual Rally in Warwick. By exhibiting this beautiful British made Wolseley 6/80, the family are keeping the Legacy of "Made To Last" going through to future generations to enjoy being able to see how things were made before electronic technology took over. 7 54
G55 commer Cob 1962 This little car has been dry stored for approx 20 years by previous owner, having been in my possession for the last 3 years it still has not seen any rain. It has been to a few local shows (when dry weather permits). Gets alot of attention / photos taken, due to not many still being around. 7 55
G56 Ford Popular Deluxe 100E 1960 Genuine 28000 miles with history

Wheels been changed to lotus cortina

Resto done on an unwelded body shell

Everything other than mentioned is still standard from factory 
7 56
G57 jaguar etype 2+2 1969 nut and bolt restoration and concours winner 7 57
G58 Volvo 245 Estate 1980 Unrestored condition.  All original features.  Trusty car. 7 58
G59 mercedes sl500 1986 auto convertable blue 7 59
G60 Riley Kestrel 1968 7 60
G61 Jaguar XK150 1958 Silver drop head coupe.  Left hand drive.  US import 7 61
G62 Mercedes 500 sl 1987 red sports car .well known car in mercedes club. 7 62
G63 Austin Allegro 1973 Good condition for age, totally original with very minimal restionation work, one previous owner. 7 63
G64 austin healey sporty car 1960 7 64
G65 Ford Sierra rs cosworth 1987 7 65
G66 Ford Escort Rs Turbo 1987 7 66
G67 Morris Minor 1000 Traveller 1971 Colour Bedouin .  Much restoration work since 1983 whwn purchased at 20,000 miles. Now 140,000 miles on same engine. 7 67
G68 Rover 2200 tc 1975 White four door sport saloon 7 68
G69 triumph dolomite sprint 1974 just had a full bare metal respray 7 69
G70 ford lotus cortina 1968 7 70
G71 ford lotus cortina 1970 7 71
G72 Fellpoint Ltd., Penn Mini Jem Mk. 2 1971 Semi-monocoque kit car based on the classic Mini.
Uses Mini subframes and mechanical/electrical components.
Owned by me since 1994.
7 72
G73 Vauxhall Chevette L 1976 Two door saloon one of 415,000 made,original car not restored 34,000 miles.Standard Vauxhall specification. 
7 73
G74 ford cortina gt 1963 the oldest mk1 gt known  its a pleasure drive. 7 74
G75 Jaguar E Type Series 2 1969 Primrose yellow DHC, registered in the UK in 2018 from Kansas. Pretty original with 40,000 miles. 7 75
G76 JENSEN 541S 1962 Number 100 of 127 model 541S cars made by Jensen. Powered by a 4 litre straight 6 engine fitted with a GM/Rolls Royce automatic gearbox.  7 76
G78 Audi Quattro 1987 7 78
G79 Dax Ac cobra 1978 Midnight blue with cream interior 
5 litre short block Ford V8 Mustang
7 79
G80 Morgan Plus 4 1955 Ex Earls Court Motor Show car
Marketed at cheapest 1955 car which would do 100mph
First sports body Plus 4 to havw single spare wheel at rear.  All previous models had twin spare wheels.
Original TR2 engine, enlarged to 2138cc and tuned to fast cruise at 90mph
Ground up rebuild by current owner in the 1970's .Ran in over 6 weeks covering 4000 miles 
Slowly being restored again following major accident
Recenttly returned from trip to Monthlery, Paris
7 80
G81 Mini 850 1972 7 81
G82 Vauxhall Cresta PC 1967 Brought new from Spurlings by my Father 7 82
G83 VW Golf Mk1GTI Sportline Cabriolet 1987 Sportline special edition "Black" model hydro/electric roof , BBS alloys 7 83
G84 Porsche 356 Speedster 1969 7 84
G85 Mini Auto 1987 7 85
G86 Ford Consul Classic 1962 Ford Consul Classic 315 2 door Standard. This is the saloon model on which the original Consul Capri was based. I have owned this vehicle for two years and over that period have begun to replace brakes, suspension, rubbers and rebuilt the 1500 engine. Paint and interior over the next year!! 7 86
G87 Morris Mini 1971 7 87
G88 Triumph Stag 1973 7 88
G89 Austin Mini clubman 1970 7 89
Show Registration Code Make Model Year Description
H1 BMW R100/7 1977 Motorcycle is in A1 condition and a very fine example of the BMW machines of the mid/late seventies. Always attracts a lot of attention. 8 1
H2 NSU Max 250cc 1954 8 2
8 3
H4 Ariel Gold Arrow 1960 8 4
H5 Excelsior 197 1952 8 5
H6 Honda Pc50 1971 8 6
H7 Honda C50 cub 1986 8 7
H8 Triumph Trident T150V 1975 Late version of the trident , built in Nov' 1974. Purchased new in 1975 , in standard trim. 8 8
H9 BSA 250 1963 8 9
H10 Reliant Trike 1968 8 10
H11 Vincent Comet 1951 Lovingly & painstakingly restored before being regularly ridden & enjoyed over the last 10+ years by the current owner. Previously owned by a family friend until his sad passing, it had spent decades abandoned in the back of a garage.  8 11
H12 Trike Kawasaki Vulcan 1987 My Kawasaki Trike has won numerous prizes at many Shows! Her name is Elsanna she
is known by many as The Frozen Trike! She raises money for childrens charities and has appeared
in Trike Magazine UK! 
8 12
Show Registration Code Make Model Year Description
J1 Daimler Ferret Scout Car 1959 Armoured Scout Car  9 1
J2 Land Rover 109 FFR 1966 9 2
J3 Land Rover 109 FFR Recce 1984 9 3
J4 Land Rover 109 FFR 1965 9 4
J5 Dodge Command Car 1942 9 5
J6 Austin A35 Van 1957 9 6
J7 fordson 7v 1947 9 7
J8 Land Rover Series One 1958 Late Series One 88in canvas top Green  9 8
J9 Bedford HA110 1977 9 9
J10 Land rover 90 1985 Land Rover 90 with power sreering 9 10
J11 Landrover 90 1987 Landrover 90 - general service - truck utility light 9 11
J12 Bedford J1 1964 9 12
J13 Unimog 411 westfalia 1962 9 13
J14 jeep willys 1945 free French WW2 willys jeep  9 14
J15 Buick Straight Eight saloon car 1941 Original USA Vehicle, from Pearl Harbour. Imported into Uk in 2012.
Bought by present owners in 2017.
9 15
Show Registration Code Make Model Year Description
K1 Chevrolet C3 Corvette 1978 1978 Silver Anniversary silver over grey,oyster interior. 10 1
K2 chevrolet corvette stingray 1981 owned by present owner for 29 years. burgandy colour 5.7cc engine. 10 2
K3 Ford Mercury Cougar 1978 Vehicle owned for 32 years, built in Belgium in 1978 and imported to the UK in 1981.
A Mercury Cougar midnight blue chamois edition 6.6 litre engine.
10 3
K4 Cadillac Convertable 1956 10 4
K6 Ford Custom 1949 1949 2 dr coupe with a V8 Flathead engine 3 spd column gears  10 6
K7 Ford Mustang 1968 Ford Mustang California Special Dark Green 10 7
K8 Chevrolet Stationwagon 1956 Not standard
Smallblock chevy engine
Rare car in the UK
10 8
K9 Plymouth Belvedere 1957 Red / White 58 Fury - 'Christine' 10 9
K10 chevrolet 3100 stepside truck 1956 chevrolet farm truck all orignal running straight 6 engine and 3 on tree gears.beautifull orignal 26 year old seaspray  blue and cream paintwork. 10 10
K11 Chrysler 300 Sport 1963 1963 2 door Chrysler 300 hardtop coupe,powered by Mopar 383ci big block with push button auto transmission.
One of only 2 known in the UK,Recently refreshed with minor rust issues corrected & resprayed in Dodge Viper Red
10 11